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Historic Home Ghost

Hello my name is Haylee, and I want to tell you a little bit about my own house..

In a small town in Central New York A couple by the name of Elizabeth and Richard brown had built a House that they could also work in. Known as "Browns Funeral Home" yes my house was built to be the families business as a Funeral Home. As the entire down stairs to the home was strictly used for the Funeral home business. The couple along with their son lived upstairs. In the early 1900s the back of the funeral home had caught on fire (cause unknown). As the fire wiped out their family business it also took the life of their only child. The couple closed the business and eventually closed off the entire upstairs. The couple had remained in the house threw the years until the 1940s when the couple had passed away in the house.

The house sat empty until the 1969 when the Moore family moved in. Right away the family started expiercing weird things going on threw out the house. One day one of the Moore children went down to the basement to put away holiday decorations. As he got to the bottom of the stairs he scream in fear and ran back until the stairs where he told his mother that something bad grabbed his shoulder but he couldn't see anyone. The mother told him he was just imagining things. As the weeks went on the family would feel cold spots, heard footsteps going up and down the stairs, things falling and crashing to the floors upstairs to only find nothing had fallen out of place. Radios and tvs would turn on and off all hours of the nights. In 1971 the Moore family moved out.

The house again sat empty until 1992 when the Hodge family moved in. Slowly remodeling the out to update it. A couple weeks into living the house the Hodge family began expiercing the same weird happenings. The Hodge family oh thought it out to just being an "old house" and that it was settling. Until 1996 when one of the Hodge children began claiming he kept seeing a tall man in his bedroom. Which this bedroom had used to be a bathroom until the Hodge family had remodeled it into en extra bedroom. The Parents would just tell their dad n he was imagining things in the dark and that his mind was playing tricks on him, the family eventually moved out in 1998..

Once again where it sat empty until February of 2001 when my family had moved in. From the beginning I would tell my parents I always felt like I was being watched. Things would always fall off of shelf to only go to the scene and see nothing on the floor or out of place. Radios and t.v. Would turn on all hours of the night. Always feeling cold spots. I moved out in 2007 after I graduated high school. To only turn around a move right back in 2009 after the birth of my son. From the time my son was old enough to notice things I would always catch him looking and pointing in certain directions giggling (no one would be there) because of this I always kept him in my room. But as he got old enough to walk and needed a normal size bed he was moved into the remodeled bedroom. From the time he was able to talk he would always claim to see a (tall man) in his closet. He is 8 years old now and still claims to see him every now and then. We still get cold spots and hear things crashing to the floor to only find that nothing had fallen. Electronics go off randomly. Our light fixtures blow out constantly. Still hear the sounds of footsteps up and down the stairs. And have also over the years taken picture with orbs over the heads of only my dad and 2 brothers. Unsure of why only them? But it will only happen when the photo is taken in the Kitchen.

So there is my personal ghost story. The Story of the Haunted Funeral Home.

P.s. Yes my family still lives in the house and plan on keeping it in the family. No one has ever been hurt or attacked physically.

© August 15th, 2017 Ghost Girl 88
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Popular Ghost Photos

Wiki:"The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is a ghost which reportedly haunts Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. It became one of the most famous hauntings in Great Britain when photographers from Country Life magazine claimed to have captured its image. The "Brown Lady" is so named because of the brown brocade dress it is claimed she wears."

source: Wikipedia


© July 2nd, 2017 Shawn
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Storm's House Guest

A good friend of mine name Storm, from Midland Missouri, shared this pic with me, she claimed her house was haunted, she said that would hear a child's voices and laughter coming from unknown locations. Storm ended up capturing this picture of a ghost child in her hallway.  One of the best photos I've seen to date.  She has moved from the house sinse this pic was taken. Who was the ghost child?


© July 2nd, 2017 Shawn
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My Ouija Board Trip

So, I was playing with an Ouija board by myself one day, I think it was one of the only times that I ever played with the Ouija boards, but definitely, the first time that I played with the board by myself. The first thing I asked the board, was, "What is your name" and it instantly spelled out "the devil." Scared the crap out of me. I think I honestly burned the board on my patio, on a bbq pit.

© June 26th, 2017 Shawn
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My cousin's basement

I don't have a long story with much detail anymore. I think I blocked a lot of it out since when I was a child. But when I was younger, something was going on in my cousin's basement. I remember people going down there to see what some "smell" was. I was told I was not allowed to go. So I stayed up in the kitchen. Then I heard a loud thump and screaming and I panicked. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

My cousin's friend tried calming me down and got me to open the door. I was told to wait in my cousin's bedroom with her and her friend. We overheard the adults talking...An ambulance showed up too. I heard one of them talking about a giant troll in the basement and giving someone a heart attack.

I never did find out the whole story other than being told what was down there was a demonic troll and it pushed someone up against the wall (the thump)...
Causing the heart attack. I still get chills talking about it.

© May 24th, 2017 violet willow
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It said "Travis"

Scary EVP recorded during a session at Rigley, this was recorded in the attic.
Scott asked, "What's your name?" and we hear the "entity?" say something like  "Travis"
So creepy.

.mp3 Travis.mp3 (Size:315.92 KB / Downloads:9)

© March 25th, 2017 Shawn
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Creepy EVP "Hi Shawn"

This is a creepy mp3 I found on the net. The ghost says "Hi Shawn"

.mp3 hisean.mp3 (Size:37.96 KB / Downloads:2)

© March 25th, 2017 Shawn
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Hallway Ghosts?

I don't know but I have lived in some pretty spooky places, one time I kept seeing glimpses of people in the hallway, just like shadowy out of the corner of my eye. One day a detective came to the door, asking if I knew the prior residence, I said no. My mom told me that something bad happened there, with the prior residence, I wonder if whatever bad happened, had happened in the hallway?

© March 5th, 2017 Shawn
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Apartment Child Ghost

So, about ten years ago, I had just moved out of mom and dad's house and got me a new apartment, it was a really exciting time for me because I was finally going to be able to live alone, have friends over and do all the stuff that I wanted to do.  So as I began to settle in the new apartment, it just always felt weird, I always had the weirdest feeling in that apartment, like someone was watching me. On the second night there, I was sleeping on the floor, as I was getting my new bed the next day, but anyways, as I was laying on the floor, it was dark in the room, I was in the living room because it was  just more comfortable than being in a dark bedroom, so as I was laying on my sleeping bag, I was looking up towards the ceiling, and I heard these footsteps, what sounded exactly like the light but loud tap, tap of a child's feet running across carpet.

And then the footsteps got closer and closer to me, I thought it would just stop because obviously there was no child in my apartment and I could laugh it off as something unexplained and move on with my night, but no, no no, that would not be the case, the footsteps actually ran right across my legs, my body was inside the sleeping bag. I felt what was the perfect example of a child's footsteps run directly over my legs, as I was laying on my back.
It scared the living hell out of me! I jumped up and turned on all the lights in the apartment. Opened the front and back door for a moment, turned on the t.v and just sat there stunned, I knew what happened, a ghost child just ran across my floor and across me.

The apartment ghost child. I still think about it to this day. Just what really happened in that apartment, was it a ghost. Some other weird stuff happened as well. but that's another story. Lets just say, thank god I don't live there any more.

© February 19th, 2017 Thomas
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