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Henry saw his next door neighbor Harriet almost every morning. It was during the week when they both happened to leave for work at the same time. The bus stop was a block away which would take them to the train station where there morning chats would continue. "You really look tired this morning", he said to her after noticing the dark circles under her eyes. "Those barking dogs outside in the middle of the night are keeping me awake", she replied. Henry was a deep sleeper as nothing would wake him up, but not so with Harriet. Next Saturday he would surprise her with a really unexpected birthday present. She laughed out loud when the small box was opened and saw a pair of ear plugs. They actually helped as Harriet used them and the dark circles disappeared from under her eyes. She hugged and kissed Henry with an unexpected thank you for letting her sleep peacefully once again. Two neighbors became more than just that soon afterwards. Each visited the others home as weekend sleep overs became a routine. Barking dogs didn't keep her awake anymore as fresh new ear plugs were bought by her boyfriend Henry. Two years later there was a wedding and then a honeymoon. There was some noise, but not from barking dogs outside. No ear plugs needed...

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