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Dad was an architect and spent building a secret birthday present for his daughter Samantha. He timed it perfectly as she would be twelve years old when he finished the project six months later. That Saturday morning dad carefully and quietly placed it on the floor in his daughters bedroom while she was still sleeping. A doll house with two levels and six rooms. Furniture, characters, and all accessories included. A replica of Samantha, a butler, a chef, a maid, and a chauffeur were the little moveable dolls that would entertain her as she played. He watched his little girl play with the characters as she moved them from room to room along with the replica of herself. Samantha would talk to each and every one of them as she smiled, laughed, and cried as if her fantasy world was actually a reality. Its now been ten years since his daughter went missing. Dad got an invitation in the mail one Saturday morning. He would attend his daughters wedding six months later. Two characters were missing from that doll house which happened to be a replica of Samantha and the chauffeur. Dad walked his daughter down the aisle as he gave away the little doll to the groom in the black cap that drove her around. Maybe love happens in a little girls world of fantasy and a birthday present that eventually becomes a reality. Case in point in a short love story about dad, his daughter, and a chauffeur that now shared a dream about a doll house....

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