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Martha, a single mother of a ten year old daughter went to a pet store together. No special occasion, just something they felt that both wanted to do. Each of them were both attracted to the aquariums and fish tanks of various sizes. They smiled at the goldfish and knew that this was going to be their choice of what they wanted. Behind them on line was a single father of a ten year old son who had made the same choice. Words were exchanged which continued into the parking lot outside of the pet store. Martin only lived five miles away as they decided to see each other as a mutual attraction was established. Their son and daughter also got along and played together during visits to each others homes. Extra goldfish food was bought by both as the pet store owner recognized them as now regular customers. It was two years when I was the best man at their wedding. My name is Mark and I was that pet store owner that served them both. My wedding present didn't come in an envelope with cash. It came and sat on their table. A small bowl with two goldfish included. The bride and groom laughed out loud, then smiled and cried at each other at how they first met. Maybe a fork in the road is only five miles away as a single mom and dad are no longer that. The now grown son and daughter buy extra food for the goldfish...

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