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The Way It Used To Be  18    0
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Susan never outgrew the times she grew up in. Late fifties and early sixties where rock and roll music prevailed along with classic love songs. Pony tails, tight sweaters and blue jeans was the dress code of this long lost era. Good old gold tokens that got you through a turn style to the subway train. Corner phone booths where one thin dime made a call to a date to meet at the local malt shop or candy store. Roller skating rinks and drive in movies where burgers and fries were shared. Perhaps some making out in the back seat of a 1959 Chevy Convertible. A time when cash meant something in the form of green money as opposed to credit cards now a days. My name is Tony as I write this memory of how I met Susan. We never outgrew the times that we shared together back then. I still wear my black leather jacket and grease my hair back with a comb. She is now my wife and still wears a pony tail. We often dance to the oldies and never use credit cards. Good old green bills is what we prefer. Take a look at our wedding album. It's a simple memory of how things used to be. Photographed in black and white...Maybe a simple love story for Susan and Tony where we like to live the way it used to be...

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