Topic: Unexplained Mysteries
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A jigsaw puzzle was bought by Marilyn, but not in a store. It was purchased in a dream of hers that had it's own reason for showing up. The title on the cover of the box said that is was an event, the only hint she had to go on. Black and white little pieces that Marilyn would put together in the following months of her dreams. The puzzle came into focus one year later as she recognized the event to be a wedding. Marilyn met Mark soon afterwards as he asked her to help him solve the last few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that he purchased in a game store from his neighborhood just next to hers. She looked at the cover of the box it came in which said it was an event! Marilyn smiled and cried as she told him of her dream about the same puzzle. The pieces were put together, one in a dream, one from real life. Maybe a wish fulfillment has a fork in the road to take them both down the same path. Case in point in a short love story about Marilyn and Mark, with two faces filled in on an event in a jigsaw puzzle....

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