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Full Tank Of Gas  10    0
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Marilyn forgot to check the needle on her gas tank gage before the one hour drive to her sisters house. It would play a most important part in her upcoming young life and future events. The usual railroad crossing ran across the familiar path that she had traveled so many times before. This time however two blinking red lights flashed in a warning that an oncoming train was approaching. Two wooden arms of wood slowly lowered to block the destination that she was supposed to reach. Marilyn floored the gas pedal thinking that she could make across before the train arrived. That wasn't the case however as the now empty gas tank caused the car to stall on those tracks of an oncoming train. She panicked at the sound of the blaring horn coming from her passenger side window. The screeching sound of steel against the tracks caused her to black out from sheer panic. An oncoming train stopped about two feet before a fatal impact would be inevitable. The engineer left his compartment and eventually rode with her in the ambulance to the nearest hospital. The car was towed away and train service was restored sometime later. She awoke in the emergency room with no injuries, just a panic attack that caused her to lose consciousness. Martin introduced himself as the engineer who stopped the train just in time. She introduced him to her sister along with the rest of her family in the weeks ahead. They got married one year later as maybe a fork in the road was there for a purpose. Her husband always makes sure now there is a full tank of gas...

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