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Cathy was only a block away from driving to her favorite bowling alley. She parked her car and noticed that only a few doors down, was a club with a bright neon sign that read "Bingo Tonight". It was an old favorite game of hers as a young teen and decided to go there instead. A fork in the road, or shall we say on the sidewalk in her last minute decision making. Filling the entire card was the final game with a cash prize of five hundred dollars to the sole winner. Two people yelled out bingo as their cards were full. Cathy and Carl walked up front to claim their winnings. $250 each was not bad for a two hour stay at a place that neither had originally intended to go to. They chatted before leaving as he also changed his mind about going to his favorite bowling alley. A common thing that happened in a fork in the road, or sidewalk so to speak which would ultimately bring them together. Cathy and Carl now go bowling and play bingo together as husband and wife. Maybe the winnings are more than just a cash prize. Case in point for this short love story about Cathy and Carl, where our lives may change only a block away...

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