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My cousin's basement  158    0
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I don't have a long story with much detail anymore. I think I blocked a lot of it out since when I was a child. But when I was younger, something was going on in my cousin's basement. I remember people going down there to see what some "smell" was. I was told I was not allowed to go. So I stayed up in the kitchen. Then I heard a loud thump and screaming and I panicked. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

My cousin's friend tried calming me down and got me to open the door. I was told to wait in my cousin's bedroom with her and her friend. We overheard the adults talking...An ambulance showed up too. I heard one of them talking about a giant troll in the basement and giving someone a heart attack.

I never did find out the whole story other than being told what was down there was a demonic troll and it pushed someone up against the wall (the thump)...
Causing the heart attack. I still get chills talking about it.
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