Topic: Ghost and Black-eyed Children
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United States     Iowa
So, about ten years ago, I had just moved out of mom and dad's house and got me a new apartment, it was a really exciting time for me because I was finally going to be able to live alone, have friends over and do all the stuff that I wanted to do.  So as I began to settle in the new apartment, it just always felt weird, I always had the weirdest feeling in that apartment, like someone was watching me. On the second night there, I was sleeping on the floor, as I was getting my new bed the next day, but anyways, as I was laying on the floor, it was dark in the room, I was in the living room because it was  just more comfortable than being in a dark bedroom, so as I was laying on my sleeping bag, I was looking up towards the ceiling, and I heard these footsteps, what sounded exactly like the light but loud tap, tap of a child's feet running across carpet.

And then the footsteps got closer and closer to me, I thought it would just stop because obviously there was no child in my apartment and I could laugh it off as something unexplained and move on with my night, but no, no no, that would not be the case, the footsteps actually ran right across my legs, my body was inside the sleeping bag. I felt what was the perfect example of a child's footsteps run directly over my legs, as I was laying on my back.
It scared the living hell out of me! I jumped up and turned on all the lights in the apartment. Opened the front and back door for a moment, turned on the t.v and just sat there stunned, I knew what happened, a ghost child just ran across my floor and across me.

The apartment ghost child. I still think about it to this day. Just what really happened in that apartment, was it a ghost. Some other weird stuff happened as well. but that's another story. Lets just say, thank god I don't live there any more.

I am the spirit that haunts your dreams.
wow, that is pretty hair-raising peaches! The ghost of a child? Huh. I would not sleep in that apartment if you paid me!

"Heroes need monsters to establish their heroic credentials. You need something scary to overcome."
~Margaret Atwood
Yeah I do not do well with children ghosts! I remember someone telling me about this little girl haunting a local church and my friend wanted me to go, I faked being sick. lol
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